Bilingual English-French
Soft bound
Format : 21 x 29,7
496 pages CMKY
235 illustrations
ISBN 978-2-910385-77-4
Price : 30 €
Weight : 2 kg
1000 copies

Distribution in France : HYX
International distribution : Idea Books

Published with the support :
Centre national des arts plastiques (France)
Von Andrea von Braun Stiftung (Germany)
Pollinaria (Italy)

Includes an Ex-Libris made of organic Burley tobacco Made in Pollinaria

Authors : HeHe, Jens Hauser, Noortje Marres, Gunnar Schmidt, Malcom Miles and Jean-Marc Chomaz

"Atmosph-Air? Atmos-Faire", Jens Hauser
"Smoke signals", HeHe
"Architecture of clouds" HeHe
"Factory Clouds: the art of pollution", HeHe
"Who is afraid of the green cloud? Environmental rendering of controversy ", Noortje Marres
"Smoke screens: phantasmagoria and the origins of media art", Gunnar Schmidt
"A green ellipse", Malcolm Miles
"Latent Impacts : catastrophes in slow motion", Jean-Marc Chomaz

Edited by the HeHe, Man Made Clouds Clouds is based on a series of artistic interventions and a cultural analysis by six authors of atmospheric emissions.

Natural clouds occupy a special place in our imaginations, their countless forms and meanings offer infinite possibilities for metaphor. HeHe's projects use clouds as a visual metaphor to aestheticise toxin coated atmospheric emissions. Smog, radioactive clouds, clouds produced by exhaust fumes, cigarettes or industrial emissions are visualised, highlighted, outlined, coloured or put under the spotlight, to alert us— not without humour—on our arrival in the Anthropocene age.

Of the fifteen projects shown and discussed in the book, the most ambitious and emblematic is Nuage vert (Green Cloud) which earned the prestigious Golden Nica at the festival Ars Electronica in 2008. The book includes original documentation on the reception of Nuage Vert which sparked a political controversy when it was staged on a waste incinerator cloud in Saint Ouen (2009) and Ivry-sur-Seine (2010).

Man Made Clouds is also a work of craft. Each book contains an ex-libris of smokeable paper, hand-made from 100% organic tobacco, specially cultivated in the soil of Pollinaria, Abruzzo, Italy.